About Me

About me

Mental health awareness is something that is close to my heart. At the age of 16, I began experiencing depression. With the stigma surrounding depression and the lack of a support network, I kept felt that I didn’t have anybody that I could speak to about it.
Having problems at home, I felt unable to speak to any teachers or professionals for fear that my parents would get told.
When I accessed CAMHS at 16, I was not spoken to for the duration of the appointments, with the practitioners only speaking to my parents.

This led me to have a passion for reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness and improving the access to mental health services.

At 20 I became a Youth Mental Health First Aid instructor, travelling around England teaching about how to assist somebody who may be in mental distress.

I also began giving workshops and talks within schools and at community events to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

I am currently setting up a charity, Support For Us, to provide training and resources on young people’s mental health.

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