My ARFID Diaries

6.2 to 17.4% of those in Eating Disorder treatments exhibit AFRID-like symptoms1. Despite this there are many, including professionals, who have never heard of ARFID.

My ARFID Diaries is a book Sam Layton is creating.
This book will show the first hand testimonies of those who live with ARFID or care for someone with ARFID.
Readers will get an insight into what it’s like living with ARFID and the struggles experienced.

Sam Layton is collecting testimonies of what a day is like in the life of ARFID. These will be both from the perspective of those with ARFID, as well as those caring for someone with ARFID (parent/grandparent etc). Entries are also welcome from those with ARFID who also care for someone with ARFID.

Full anonymity is available.

If you’re interested in sharing your experiences, please fill in the form below and Sam will be in touch with more information

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