The Criminalisation of Mental Illness

Across the UK, people are being threatened with arrest and even prosecuted. 

Their crime? Experiencing mental health issues.

Since funding for NHS mental health services has been cut to the bone, police have been left to fill in the gaps. This has, unfortunately, led to the policing and criminalisation of mental illness. It’s the elephant in the room that has been around for many years. Yet, we often don’t speak of it. 

Despite the decriminalisation of suicide in 1961 under the Suicide Act 1961, mental illness is being criminalised through the back door. Some are prosecuted for contemplating suicide. For others, simply calling for help is a crime. 

This book gives insight into the policing of mental illness, and how it could be jeopardising the recovery of many, through exploring experiences of those who have gone through the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on account of their mental health issues.

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